As the only Pipe Friendly flameworking studio in Seattle, we've worked hard to develop the proper curriculum to instill the basics of flameworking so students can move quickly into pipe work. Our unique structure provides the most direct path to PipeMaking possible.

Our PipeMaking classes are separated into three different series.

Series One is built for beginners and concentrates on fundamentals.

Series Two concentrates on multi-section dry pipes.

Series Three concentrates on water pipes and the science of percolation.


Students take all their creations home. 

We encourage students to get as much practice as they can to supplement our classes so each PipeMaking course purchased includes four or more hours of studio rental. We offer hourly studio rentals as well as memberships to make it easy for students to put in practice time.

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND TAKING OUR PIPEMAKING CLASSES IN THE ORDER WE PROVIDE, however it is not required. Our classes have been structured in an order that will be the most effective and beneficial to you. We do warn that if you choose to take classes out of order, you may not have learned a technique that is necessary for the class you are in. For more information regarding the specifics of the curriculum for each class, please call us at 206-284-5277.


You can also check out our CALENDAR for more upcoming PipeMaking Courses.