Nathan "Nate Dizzle" Aweida - Owner/Founder

Nathan is a talented lamp-worker with over a decade of experience.  He is known for constantly pushing boundaries in the borosilicate glass world. Nathan's glass artwork includes large scale sculpture, functional glass pieces, neon, architectural glass, and mixed media.

Nathan is quite in tune with the glass and is great at suggesting multiple ways to achieve the same result.


Erin Bourguignon

Erin has been Nathan's apprentice for the past year. In addition to her quickly expanding skills, she is a great and patient instructor. Erin teaches our Introduction and PipeMaking Series 1 classes.

Amber Pelligrini

Amber Pellegrini

Amber has been an artist her entire life and has focused on glass art since 1995. She is dedicated to creating one of a kind glass pipes and perfecting her skills as a flameworker. She discovered glass as a medium in Brooklyn while attending Parsons School of Design in New York City. She studied various glass techniques and processes which has enabled her to have a very expansive body of work. Pellegrini later graduated with a BFA in glass from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. In 1999 she moved to San Francisco to start a career as a glass artist and assist in the local hot shops. She befriended several pipeblowers who quickly made her realize this could truly be the glass career she dreamed of in college. These men were at the forefront of the nascent glass pipe movement and luckily she had the skills to “hold her own.” Over the next decade she joined them in several art collectives throughout Seattle, Washington pushing the limits in this emerging underground art. The more skilled she became as a flameworker, the more successful she was at turning her sketches into sculptures and also incredible working pipes and bubblers. Much of Pellegrini’s work is inspired by the urban culture around her. Currently she is not only a mother of three, but an artist who continues to create work and contribute to a movement that has reached some amazing heights.