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For the beginner glassblower. Zero to basic experience welcome! Get on the fast track to gaining skills and confidence behind the torch. Taught by owner/founder Nate Dizzle, a Master Pipemaker with over fourteen years of experience. Students will learn fundamentals of flameworking, and participate in a valuable, in-depth discussion about how to build your personal studio, including a comprehensive equipment list. On the first day students receive a basic safety demo, and learn Hot Seals Vs. Cold Seals, Dabber, Rod Marbles, and begin working with Hollow Tubing making Implosion Marbles. Day two students learn and make One-Hitters and Dishes. Day three students learn and make Spoon Pipes, and have an introduction to Seals. Nate also gives a comprehensive lecture and answers questions about Studio Set-Up

Lunch is provided all three days.
Space is limited to 10 people.





This three-day course is for the intermediate to experienced flameworker. Students will work closely with NateDizzle, The Boro School's owner and founder, on becoming better glass artists by overcoming those little technical difficulties that drive you crazy. Being extremely in-tune with the glass, Nate is able to quickly problem solve issues large or small, and send you home more confident behind the torch and better equipped to make your cleanest work yet! 

Torch time is split about 50/50 between student and teacher, allowing the teacher to coach you on your specific issues in a small group atmosphere. 

Lunch is provided during the class each day. Class capacity is five students. 






Whether you want to build a studio in your home, your garage, or in raw space, owner and founder of The Boro School, Nathan Aweida, will help guide you through the various complications and safety aspects of building your own glass studio. Nate has over 14 years of experience in building seven different glass studios. You will come away with a wealth of knowledge that will prepare you to enjoy the independence of your own private studio. We can provide you with:

  • Studio Equipment Recommendations
  • Studio Setup & Design Recommendations
  • Ventilation Design Recommendations
  • On-Site visits
  • How to approach your local permitting and licensing agencies

Hourly rates vary based on the scope of the job and the location.

Please CONTACT US to inquire about us helping you with your studio buildout!


lathe classes

Lathe 1

Get comfortable on this important machine in this four person class taught by Nate Dizzle. Students will work in pairs on the two lathes in our studio (the Litton ESA and Litton HSJ) and use up to six different hand torches and up to three different bench torches.

Lathe 1 Covers:

  • Blown Forms on the Glass Lathe
  • Mouth Pieces
  • Encalmo seals
  • Ring seals
  • Foot flaring
  • Basic lathe maintenance

Prerequisite: We recommend a minimum of 100 hours on the torch before taking Lathe 1.

TWO FULL DAYS (16 hours)
Price: $700 per person
Instructor: Nate Dizzle
Space is limited to 4 people

THIS COURSE IS TAUGHT ON DEMAND - Call us at 206.284.5277 to schedule two days of instruction