Jewelry Making Classes NOW AVAILABLE

Jewelry Series 1

Learn different approaches to pendant loops, making pairs, various color and pattern techniques, properly shaping and sizing and more. Each class is three hours long. We recommend at least 3-5 hours on the torch before taking Jewelry Series 1. (Try our Introduction to FlameWorking class, first!)

Class dates and times are TBD. Once we have a minimum enrollment of three students, we will contact you to schedule the classes.

Cost: $125 per class or $550 for all 5 classes. 
3 student minimum. 10 student maximum.

JEWELRY 1.1 - Pendants - The purpose of this class is to get you comfortable with making the loops. You will learn two different ways of making loops in addition to simple coloring techniques. 

JEWELRY 1.2 - Glass Earrings & Studs - The beginning steps in learning to work in pairs. We provide sterling silver posts or hoops. We will finish at least one pair during the class and you will have plenty of parts to create more pairs later.

JEWELRY 1.3 - Hollow Beads - The first class in our Jewelry series to work with tubing. You will learn how to open holes in the tubing where you want them as well as decorate and shape the glass.

JEWELRY 1.4 - Glass Rings - This class will begin by coloring and pulling flat cane. Then you will learn how to shape and size the cane into a finished ring. 

JEWELRY 1.5 - Coldworked Ear Tunnels & Plugs - This class introduces the jeweler to cold-working glass. After coloring, shaping, and kilning, we will quick cool the glass, cut and grind the tunnels and plugs, and place them back into the kiln for polishing.