Dizzle's Headstart - Get on the fast tracking to making pipes!

Register for the  best start an aspiring glass artist can get. Nate teaches this course only twice a year, and this will be the last section offered at our current location. Starts next week! Runs Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday from 10am to 6pm each day. Just $700 for 3 days (24 hours total) with this master pipemaker with 14 years experience on the torch. We hope to see you there!

For the beginner glassblower. Zero to basic experience welcome! Get on the fast track to gaining skills and confidence behind the torch. Taught by owner/founder Nate Dizzle, a Master Pipemaker with over fourteen years of experience. Students will learn fundamentals of flameworking, and participate in a valuable, in-depth discussion about how to build your personal studio, including a comprehensive equipment list. On the first day students receive a basic safety demo, and learn Hot Seals Vs. Cold Seals, Dabber, Rod Marbles, and begin working with Hollow Tubing making Implosion Marbles. Day two students learn and make One-Hitters, Dishes, and Domes & Slides. Day three students learn and make Spoon Pipes, and have an introduction to Seals. Nate also gives a comprehensive lecture and answers questions about Studio Set-Up. Lunch is provided during each day of this class. Please contact us if you have any dietary restrictions. No prior experience needed.