Dirty Looie aka Lewis Wilson is here this week!

Special Guest artist and instructor LEWIS WILSON is in the house this week! 

Dirty Looie is teaching a two-day intensive course "Old School Sculpture" on Saturday, August 20 and Sunday, August 21. He will also be offering up free demos, a little teaser of what his class will be like, on Thursday 8/18 and Friday 8/19 and we will have his work on display. 


We still have a few spots open so if you are ready to get a logical approach to old-school style sculpting, then enroll in this class today. You will learn several styles of sculpting creatures and human forms, and master pendant hooks. Students should have a basic knowledge of glass, with at least six months experience with boro or soft glass. This is a great class for pipe makers to learn sculptural components. There are two options to take this course - With a Torch Spot is $500 and Audit Only is $200.

Day One:

  • Various Wing Styles
  • Small Dragons & other fantasy designs
  • Aquatic designs
  • Pendant Hooks 3 Ways
  • Hibiscus flower

Day Two:

  •  The Human Form - influenced by Luccio Bubacco and Emiliano Santini
  • Horse Body
  • Chess Set
  • Eagle Dancer demo

Artist Bio:

In 1972, Lewis C. Wilson taught himself how to work with glass with a handheld propane torch and sunglasses. He studied at Walt Disney World under Miguel Bonilla from October 1973 to January 1974. From 1974 to 1981, Lewis sold at shows in Florida and New England. In 1981 he moved back to his home state of New Mexico where he started developing his Eagle Dancer Design for which he is most known. From 1981 to 1993, Lewis participated in over two hundred shows all over the US.

In 1993, Lewis Wilson produced his first video on making soft glass beads and went on to produce over twenty videos, which then became DVDs. Lewis has taught well over one thousand students in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Japan, and demoed at GAS conferences.

Lewis Wilson's Eagle Dancer sculptures have been presented by the state of New Mexico to King Juan Carlos of Spain, President George H. W. Bush, and President Bill Clinton. These sculptures have also been presented to Bo Diddly, Barry Goldwater, Al Unser Jr, and has been used for political gifts for Republicans and Democrats.