We are thrilled to announce that beginning on Thursday, December 1st we are offering $10/hr Torch Time PERMANENTLY! We are also introducing a $50 daily rate available to everyone.

Our pricing on our Active Membership punch cards will also be adjusting accordingly. Currently the punch cards are $150 for 12 hours (2 free hours). The same card will be available for just $100 from now on! If you currently have an unexpired Active Membership punch card purchased in November, with even just one hour left, we will give you one free FULL DAY RENTAL during the month of December only.

Also, for those interested in the $50 daily rate, once you have rented 10 days in one month at the $50 rate, we will give you a $40 daily rate for any subsequent days you rent during that same month. So rent 10 days in December at $50/day, and all other full days in December will be discounted to $40/day. If you end up renting at least 16 days, we recommend just getting our Full Time Membership, which will remain the same pricing at $700 or $800/month depending on what torch you run.