10 Glass Resolutions for 2017

#1 Learn The Fundamentals

Get on the fast track to gaining skills and confidence behind the torch by taking Dizzle's Headstart with The Boro School founder, Nate Dizzle, a pipe maker with over 14 years of experience. Students will learn fundamentals of flameworking, and participate in a valuable, in-depth discussion about how to build your personal studio, including a comprehensive equipment list.

#2 Become An Active Member Of The Community

Active Memberships at The Boro School give you 12 hours of rental time for the month plus 15% off any additional rental time. We'll also give you 10% off our in-house materials and supplies and 25% off equipment rental/upgrades. Rental includes the use of a GTT Lynx torch, kiln space, gases, and scrap glass, all for only $100.

#3 Talk To Strangers

The 2nd Saturday of every month is a great opportunity to not only get free torch time, but to meet other local artists, share ideas, and watch FREE demos with our resident instructors. Make it a habit to break out of your shell this new year and grow your glass family! January's Community Day is on 1/14 from noon to 6pm.

#4 Add Jewelry To Your Portfolio!

Take one or all 4 of our Jewelry Series classes to take your bling to a new level for only $125 each. Students learn different approaches to pendant loops, making pairs, various color and pattern techniques, properly shaping and sizing and more.

#5 Make Your Pipe Dreams Tangible

We've worked hard to develop the proper curriculum to instill the basics of flameworking so students can move quickly into pipe work. Our unique structure provides the most direct path to PipeMaking possible, and it is separated into three different series. We encourage students to get as much practice as they can to supplement our classes so each PipeMaking course purchased includes four or more hours of studio rental.

#6 Take In Visitors

We are so stoked to announce the return of Germ, Philadelphia artist and creator of the 1000 Glass Cranes project. He will be teaching a class February 17-19th, make sure you're following our instagram @TheBoroSchool to stay updated!

Also returning and hosting an incredible course called "Building A Brand Based On Giving Back" is Ben Belgrad, @drinkingvessels. Ben is offering a 3 day class on lathe basics and philanthropy at The Boro School on February 24-26.

#7 Refine Your Techniques

Learn how to master encalmo seals, blow outs, coil pots, and more with any one of TWELVE classes in our Technique Series, starting at $100. Look at the calendar page on our website to stay updated on this series and to register for classes that will help you build the skills you need to become a PipeMaster.

#8 Learn The Chemistry Of Colored Borosilicate

Students are encouraged to bring colors they are interested in using in their work for our Color Series, clear glass and some standard colors are included in these courses which will help students learn the chemistry and technique behind their favorite borosilicate colors. Only $100 a class!

#9 Master The Alchemy Of Fuming

 Learn how to make complex patterns like reticellos, dotboxes, wig-wags, and more all using silver and/or gold. We provide silver, students may purchase or bring their own  99.99% gold. At only $100 a class, this is a great way for beginners to learn pattern, and for more advanced students to master the flame chemistry behind their favorite fuming techniques.

#10 Help Us Give Back #AnythingHelps

Our homie and resident designer J.Cost wants to help you give back! By providing us with either a video or photo of you doing something kind for one of our homeless brothers or sisters of this planet, you will receive a print of his "Anything Helps". If you'd prefer to just buy one, he will be donating proceeds to ethical charitable organizations. Check out his instagram for more info! @ArtByJCost