The Boro School announces a move in Spring 2017

We are sad, but also excited, to announce that we will be moving our facility along with 7 Point Studios in the Spring of 2017. Classes will continue through the end of April and will start again at the new facility as soon as we are able. 7 Point Studios is launching a crowd-funding campaign within the next couple of weeks and we will be posting a lot of updates to keep everyone informed about our process and how you can help. 

Please read the Press Release from 7 Point Studios included below. If you would like to help us now, you can donate on the 7 Point Studios website or you can swing on over to to purchase some incredible glass from this year's Seattle PipeMasters Collab. The Boro School receives a 25% commission on every sale and the majority of these funds will go to 7 Point Studios to assist in the move. Purchasing pieces also helps the amazing artists who participate in Seattle PipeMasters Collab!

If you would like to donate glass art, we are working on a sales/auction plan to help with the move, and we will be accepting donations soon. 

Please CONTACT us with any questions or concerns you would like to discuss.


Seattle, WA
December 9, 2016

7 Point Studios is making plans to move locations this coming Spring 2017. The Seattle alternative art studio and glassblowing facility announces this change as well as their transition to a non-profit organization as it applies for 501c3 tax-exempt status with the IRS.  

Since its initial formation in early 2013, 7 Point Studios has cultivated an environment of creativity amongst the dozens of artists and creative businesses within its walls. The Studios’ dedication to providing a well-equipped lampworking facility has brought artists from around the world to their facility in Seattle. 7 Point Studios is the home of The Boro School, which opened in January 2014, and is one of the few places in the world that specializes in borosilicate glass. 7 Point Studios has hosted several of Seattle’s well known events like Dope Cup, Secret Cup, as well as hosted and produced the largest glass artist collaboration for three years in a row, Seattle PipeMasters Collab. 

Unfortunately, after an initial approval, the City of Seattle requested 7 Point Studios make some very expensive building usage and permit changes in order for public events to continue. This has made it very difficult to earn the income necessary for the rental of their current building.

 The owner of 7 Point Studios, Nathan Aweida, has personally invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the build out of the studio as well as the monthly rent and utility bills. It is no longer financially feasible for Mr. Aweida to continue contributing in this manner. Since the Studio’s five-year lease will be up February 28, 2017, Mr. Aweida and staff have made the decision to find a new location. 7 Point Studios will continue in its current location on a month-to-month basis until they secure a new facility and make their move. The Studio plans to run business normally for as long as possible in order for the dozens of in-house artists and The Boro School to continue functioning with as little downtime as possible. 7 Point Studios seeks a metal/brick/concrete building within the city of Seattle that is at least 5,000 square feet with onsite parking to rent or preferably buy for a permanent home. It would help if the property is zoned for retail and light manufacturing.

7 Point Studios estimates their move to cost more than $100,000 and they need your help to make this move a reality. They are seeking immediate Sponsorship and Donations for those that are able to help. They will also be launching a crowd-funding campaign on in the coming weeks. There will be several levels of donation and perks with each level.

You can help 7 Point Studios today by making a donation at* You can also become a volunteer and help us move! 7 Point Studios is looking for volunteers of all skill levels. Head to and click on the Volunteer tab to learn more information.

 *Although 7 Point Studios has not yet received official 501c3 status, you can still donate! Your donation is not tax deductible until the IRS has approved the organization’s status. However, your donation will help 7 Point Studios make their move to a more suitable facility! As soon as 7 Point Studios receives their tax-exempt status, donors will receive a letter with the EIN number needed to claim this donation on tax return forms.

Brie Yost
Manager, 7 Point Studios

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