"Bits of MNP" is our August Visiting Artist Class with Max "MNP" Polin


Max Polin is teaching at The Boro School this August, the weekend after Seattle Hempfest! We couldn't be more excited to have one of our favorite OG glass artists in the house sharing his wisdom with us and our students. This class will focus on construction of a medium size MNP-style Sculptural Bubbler. We will cover the use of solid rod to make implosion marbles, Flat and round cane and Tube cane reversals. We will also cover hand made glass on glass seals. This is not a sandblasting class. Student project will be an MNP-style dry piece or bubbler.

August 21, 22, and 23, 10am to 6pm (or later)
Lunches Included

Day 1:
Introductions and MNP glass history
Blowout tech

Day 2:
Compound stem
Implosion marbles

Day 3:
Final construction 
Bit attachment 

MNP Bio:

Max N. Polin has lived his whole life in Washington state. During the summer of 1998 good fortune landed him a spot in a local glass studio. From 1998 until 2001 Max worked in several different glass co-op studios. After seven years running his own studio in Seattle,  Max decided to create a studio in Hansville, Washington,  where he lives with his wife, son and 3 dogs. His creations include Marbles, Pendants, Glasses, Vases, Oil Lamps, Sculptural Pipes and various other abstract pieces.

"Since I was young I have always been a builder. It is amazing to watch creations of all forms take shape. As a child, I remember being mesmerized the first time I saw molten glass. Now, as an adult, I still am. My work is a reflection of the world I’ve grown up with. Strong themes throughout my work include the natural world: Plants, storms, thunder, lightning and images from my mind."