Beards, Heavy Metal, and Sandblasting!

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APRIL 25 & 26, 10AM - 6PM

Heavy Metal. Beards. Trading your Soul for the best sandblasting training you can get from a Master Piper. Priceless.

No longer will you resort to sandblasting just to cover up flaws! In this one-of-a-kind sandblasting class taught by DWRECK, you will gain the skills you need to confidently sandblast any piece that requires that special detail.

Students in this class will study the different kinds of photo-resist, sandblaster maintenance and care, and will work hands-on with several sandblasting techniques including graal, halftones, stage blasting, sand carving, and more.

We will not be working heavily with Adobe Creative Suite, but we will go over how your graphic design skills can greatly improve your sandblasting projects.