Get in on PipeMaking Series 1 - Starts on Monday 9/15!

Our PipeMaking courses are currently TBD sign ups. Once we get our minimum enrollment for the course, we will schedule all the classes. This way we can ensure that classes aren't ever cancelled due to low enrollment! 

We just reached our minimum enrollment for PipeMaking Series 1, so if you want to get on board, just click that button. Go on, you know you want to. Classes are being taught at 10am on Monday 9/15, Wednesday 9/17, Monday 9/22, and Wednesday 9/24.

Series One

This first series is built for beginning students who really want to make pipes. Each class is 3 hours long, consisting of 2 hours of teacher/student time and an hour of practice. 

Cost: $450

PipeMaking 1.1 - Rod Marbles - This class starts you off with several solid rod marble techniques. 

PipeMaking 1.2 - Implosion & One-Hitter - Now we move into hollow work. You will make an implosion marble with tubing, then move into making your very first pipe, a one-hitter. 

PipeMaking 1.3 - Spoon - This class is all about the spoon pipe. 

PipeMaking 1.4 - Introduction to Glass Joints* - Learn how to make slides, domes, etc., using ground glass joints. 

*For all classes needing ground joints: One pair of joints will be included in the class and there are more available to purchase if needed.