PipeMaking Classes at Last!


We've worked hard to develop the proper curriculum to instill the basics of flameworking before quickly moving into pipe work. Our unique structure provides the most direct path to pipemaking possible. Each class is 3 1/2 hours long, consisting of 2 1/2 hours of teacher/student time and an hour of practice after class. Students take all their creations home. Each PipeMaking class purchased includes a voucher for 1 hour of studio rental. Series One will be focused on the beginner, giving you the basics of flameworking, and making one-hitters and spoons. Series Two and Three are coming soon. Series Two will be focused on making several types of dry pipes. Series Three will be focused on water pipes. So look for more information coming soon about upcoming Series Two and Series Three classes!

Series One:

This first series of classes on pipemaking is built for beginning students who really want to make pipes. Each class is $110. Or $300 when you sign up and pay for all three classes at once. 

APRIL SPECIAL! $100 a class and $250 when you sign up and pay for all three classes at once.

PipeMaking 1 starts you off with several solid rod marble techniques. Offered every Tuesday in April. 6-9:30pm. 

PipeMaking 2 moves into hollow work. You will make an implosion marble with tubing, then move into making your very first pipe, a one-hitter. Offered every Wednesday in April. 6-9:30pm.

PipeMaking 3 is all about the spoon pipe. Offered every Thursday in April. And Thursday, May 1st. 6-9:30pm.