Special Deal for THE BORO CLINIC, a three day immersion class with Nathan Aweida

Nate Dizzle

Save 25% on The Boro Clinic by signing up by 2/1!

Alright, Lampworkers. We are offering one helluva deal for the first BORO CLINIC class, a course that we will only be offering quarterly. This course is a five person immersion experience taught by the owner of The Boro School, Nathan Aweida, with teaching and torch time split 50/50. As long as you are familiar with the workings of the torch, you can sign up for this class. You will have the opportunity to work out any problems you want to conquer, learn some brand-new techniques, and get personal instruction from Nate. Either way, the focus in this class is to make you a better lamp worker. This class is on February 19, 20, and 21 from 9am to 5pm each day. That's 12 hours of in-depth instruction and 12 hours of torch time under Nate's watchful eye. 

Congratulations to our Instagram Giveaway winner, rattfinkbaby! That means there are only FOUR more spots in the class. So listen up: Sign up before February 1st (that's in ONE WEEK) and get 25% off the price of the class. Be an early bird and only spend $750 to work closely with one of the masters of the industry. Sign up after February 1st, and the price is $1,000. Enroll HERE

Keep visiting the website for updates on classes throughout the next week. We just hashed out the whole calendar year of 2014 so updates will be hitting the page regularly and some exciting announcements are on their way.