The Boro School is Seattle's Premier FlameWorking School & Studio and is now the largest rentable FlameWorking studio in the Puget Sound Area.  The Boro School is housed inside Seattle's renowned 7 Point Studios and owned by glass artist Nathan "Nate Dizzle" Aweida. We offer a full curriculum of FlameWorking classes for beginning and experienced glassblowers alike, hourly studio rentals, memberships, and sell boro supplies. We also offer private and group lessons upon request

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What does BORO mean?

Boro is short for borosilicate glass, the kind of scientific glass that is used in flameworking. Borosilicate glass was first developed in the late 19th Century by German glass maker Otto Schott. Because of its low coefficients of thermal expansion, borosilicate glass has a high resistance to thermal shock making it ideal for laboratory glassware, kitchenware, beadmaking, lampworking and other unique applications.


The Boro School began in January of 2014 and has already made it's mark on the glass industry as the largest rentable FlameWorking studio in Seattle and the Puget Sound area.

Our business began out of a desire to provide structured classes to aspiring glass artists and a unique studio environment that encourages collaboration between artists.  More than anything, we know that glassblowing and flameworking can be a huge investment and our studio provides artists with affordable equipment and work space while they are learning.

Our Retail Store

Finding a balance between quality and value is important to us. We believe in using the best products in the industry so you will see both our studio and our store stocked with the highest quality glass supplies and the best value we can offer. Our prices are the best in Seattle for flameworking supplies. Our supply store currently carries Simax clear rod and tubing, color from Northstar Glassworks, Golden Gate Glassworks tubing, LENZ ground joints, Phillips Safety Glasses, AIM Kilns, Griffin Glass Tools, and Jim Moore Tools, as well as an array of awesome Boro School merchandise like t-shirts and notebooks. Our stock is growing bigger every day. Please contact us to see if we carry the product you are looking for or for a special request!

Repairs, Custom, and Wholesale Orders

We offer repairs to local customers on their borosilicate glassware. To inquire about a repair please email us at info@theboroschool.com with a full description of the repair needed as well as photographs of the completely clean glassware so that we can evaluate whether or not we can accept the job. Or stop by during business hours and we'll do our best to give you an estimate on site. If you are not sure if your glassware is made with borosilicate then give us a call at 206-284-5277 and we'll try to help you find out!

We offer Custom Work for Wholesale Orders ONLY. We can help you with everything from design to manufacturing to packaging of your wholesale orders. To inquire about a Custom Wholesale Order, EMAIL US or call 206-284-5277.