October Community Day: This Saturday, 10/11, 12-6pm.

Come join us this Saturday, 10/11, 12-6pm, for our monthly Community Day! Torch time is free, so come hop on a torch and hang out with your Seattle FlameWorking Community right here at The Boro School!

We hold Community Day EVERY 2nd Saturday of the month!

Seattle PipeMasters Collab is TWO WEEKS AWAY!

Things are getting heated up here at The Boro School as we prepare for the arrival of artists, collectors, and all of our guests. If you haven't purchased your tickets yet, head to www.GlassPipeMasters.com to get your passes now! 

Here's the schedule:

10/15 - Artists & Collectors Only
10/16, 6-10pm - Gallery
10/17, 6-10pm - Cocktail Party
10/18, 6-10pm - Cocktail Party
10/19, 6-10pm - Gallery
10/20, 6-10pm - Gallery
10/21, 6-10pm - Gallery
10/22, 6-10pm - Gallery
10/23, 6-10pm - Gallery
10/24, 6-10pm - Cocktail Party
10/25, 6-11pm - Closing Night Party


If you are a Collector or Buyer for a store, we have a special Collector Pass available for you for just $300.

Your Collector Pass is the ultimate insiders look into the glassblowing industry, allowing you to meet several big name glass artists in one place and make exclusive purchases of collectible functional glass. The Collector Pass means you are welcome to be on site at any time that we are holding glassblowing related events during the ten days of PipeMasters, even when we are closed to the public. The Studio opens at 10am every day of the event and closes when the last person leaves. Due to the required referral, this Pass is not available to purchase online, but directly through us. Please fill out the form below and let us know you want a Collector Pass.

Pass Also Includes:
Entrance to all 3 Cocktail Parties
Entrance to Closing Night Party
Two Adult Beverage Vouchers per Cocktail Party and Closing Night Party (8 Vouchers total)
Access to our VIP Lounge, stocked with free non-alcoholic beverages and snacks
Swag Bag and more!


Get the most out of Seattle PipeMasters Collab with a VIP Pass. This pass is just $250 and includes:

  • Entrance to all PipeMaster Gallery times
  • Entrance to all 3 Cocktail Parties
  • Entrance to Closing Night Party
  • Access to our VIP Lounge, stocked with free non-alcoholic beverages and snacks.
  • Four Adult Beverage Vouchers
  • Two Raffle Tickets
  • Swag Bag and more!


Have your next Party at The Boro School

Combine your next party with one of our Group Lesson options for the most unique party experience for you and up to 11 of your friends. Whether it's your birthday, anniversary, or you just want an excuse to get your friends together to create some art, we've got you covered. Take a two-hour long class with one or more of our experienced glassblowing instructors in our state-of-the-art flameworking studio, and then use the 7 Point Studios Lounge for a couple of hours of party time with your best pals. Our Lounge also has a kitchenette equipped with the essentials so you can serve food and drinks. Deck out our Lounge with your favorite party decorations to set your mood. We can provide you with any needed chairs and tables. 

Group Lessons & Parties are appropriate for groups of 5 to 12 people. These classes are designed for people with zero experience and our instructors will assist each group through their project to ensure they are taking home a finished product. Some classes are more assisted than others, but after the safety lesson and demonstration, everyone in the group is welcome to play on the torches while waiting for their turn.

Group Lesson Options:
5 people or $300 minimum

  1. Spoon Pipe - $60 per person
  2. Heart Pendant - $40 per person
  3. Teardrop Pendant - $40 per person
  4. Seahawks "12th Man" Pendant - $60 per person

7 Point Studios Lounge Rental:
Two Hours included with the Group Lesson. Extra time: $25 per hour.

Inquire about throwing your next party at The Boro School & 7 Point Studios by filling out the form below. We'll get back to you within 24 hours about your request!

Get in on PipeMaking Series 1 - Starts on Monday 9/15!

Our PipeMaking courses are currently TBD sign ups. Once we get our minimum enrollment for the course, we will schedule all the classes. This way we can ensure that classes aren't ever cancelled due to low enrollment! 

We just reached our minimum enrollment for PipeMaking Series 1, so if you want to get on board, just click that button. Go on, you know you want to. Classes are being taught at 10am on Monday 9/15, Wednesday 9/17, Monday 9/22, and Wednesday 9/24.

Series One

This first series is built for beginning students who really want to make pipes. Each class is 3 hours long, consisting of 2 hours of teacher/student time and an hour of practice. 

Cost: $450

PipeMaking 1.1 - Rod Marbles - This class starts you off with several solid rod marble techniques. 

PipeMaking 1.2 - Implosion & One-Hitter - Now we move into hollow work. You will make an implosion marble with tubing, then move into making your very first pipe, a one-hitter. 

PipeMaking 1.3 - Spoon - This class is all about the spoon pipe. 

PipeMaking 1.4 - Introduction to Glass Joints* - Learn how to make slides, domes, etc., using ground glass joints. 

*For all classes needing ground joints: One pair of joints will be included in the class and there are more available to purchase if needed.


September Community Day

We can't believe it's September already! We've been busily preparing for our first annual event: Seattle PipeMasters Collab and we are looking forward to a day of kicking back, relaxing, and ... blowing some glass. 

So listen up, we hold Community Day every 2nd Saturday of the month from 12-6pm. It's FREE and open to anyone 18+, no matter your skill level. We offer safety lessons & demonstrations for beginners before they hop on a torch. Nate Dizzle, EBZ, and other glassblowers will be giving demos throughout the day. If you have been curious about torch work, now is your chance to satisfy your craving.

Community Day is our way of giving back to our very supportive community, so we hope that you can join us for this fun day and also keep supporting our school & studio by taking some classes or renting some torch time. This is our NINTH month of business, and our 9th Community Day. 


Jewelry Making Classes NOW AVAILABLE

Jewelry Series 1

Learn different approaches to pendant loops, making pairs, various color and pattern techniques, properly shaping and sizing and more. Each class is three hours long. We recommend at least 3-5 hours on the torch before taking Jewelry Series 1. (Try our Introduction to FlameWorking class, first!)

Class dates and times are TBD. Once we have a minimum enrollment of three students, we will contact you to schedule the classes.

Cost: $125 per class or $550 for all 5 classes. 
3 student minimum. 10 student maximum.

JEWELRY 1.1 - Pendants - The purpose of this class is to get you comfortable with making the loops. You will learn two different ways of making loops in addition to simple coloring techniques. 

JEWELRY 1.2 - Glass Earrings & Studs - The beginning steps in learning to work in pairs. We provide sterling silver posts or hoops. We will finish at least one pair during the class and you will have plenty of parts to create more pairs later.

JEWELRY 1.3 - Hollow Beads - The first class in our Jewelry series to work with tubing. You will learn how to open holes in the tubing where you want them as well as decorate and shape the glass.

JEWELRY 1.4 - Glass Rings - This class will begin by coloring and pulling flat cane. Then you will learn how to shape and size the cane into a finished ring. 

JEWELRY 1.5 - Coldworked Ear Tunnels & Plugs - This class introduces the jeweler to cold-working glass. After coloring, shaping, and kilning, we will quick cool the glass, cut and grind the tunnels and plugs, and place them back into the kiln for polishing.

The 1st Annual Seattle PipeMasters Collab



The Boro School and 7 Point Studios of Seattle are proud to announce the first ever Seattle PipeMasters Collab, October 15-25, 2014, an event for glassblowers, collectors, shop owners, and other glass enthusiasts. Seattle PipeMasters Collab will feature the work of ten days of collaboration between twenty-five glass artists from around the world. Some of the top artists in the industry will work inside our state-of-the art facility – The Boro School, Seattle’s Premier FlameWorking School and Studio – and create beautiful, unique, mind-blowing pieces of functional glass art. Seattle PipeMasters Collab will involve several ticketed events open to the public, including the PipeMasters Gallery, three different Cocktail Parties, and a Closing Night Celebration.

PipeMasters Gallery
All finished Collab pieces as well as work by individual artists will be on display in our PipeMasters Gallery. Many pieces will be for sale and we’ll have different live glassblowing demos every night, giving you a reason to keep coming back. Public Gallery times are Thursday 10/16, and Sunday 10/19 – Thursday, 10/23, 6-10pm. Collectors and Store Owners can contact us for information about our special Collector Pass, which includes entrance to Private Gallery times.

Cocktail Parties
Friday 10/17, Saturday 10/18, and Friday 10/24 from 6-10pm. Glass Blowing Demos & Sales, Live Music, DJs, and Cash Bar, Door Prizes, Raffle, and more!

Closing Night Celebration
On the final day of Seattle PipeMasters Collab, we will hold a culminating celebration of all the art created and the connections and friendships made and strengthened during our ten days of collaboration. Saturday, October 25th, 6-11pm. Live Glassblowing, Food Trucks, Cash Bar, and a Silent Auction of selected pieces made during the Collab.

Local Charity Drives
We will be giving back to our supportive community with two different charity drives. Bring a non-perishable food item, and get $5 off your Gallery ticket. All the donated food will go to families and individuals in need. We will also be working with local glassblower, Brando, collecting new, unopened toys. Bring a toy and get a ticket to our raffle for free.

Visit www.glasspipemasters.com for ticket prices and more information about Seattle PipeMasters Collab.

Interested Vendors and Sponsors can contact us at 206-284-5277.

Brie Yost
Event Coordinator
Seattle PipeMasters Collab


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